Calculate the reading time for...

With this tool you will know how long it will take you to read a text, based on your WPM (words per minute) speed.

If you are ready to start, press the NEXT button in the bottom corner

Seting your WPM speed

The average WPM speed is 200. If you think this is your case you may proceed to the next step.

There is a text already placed here, but you could paste a text that suit you for the test.

For the calculation you may adjust the plus or minus control and set your own speed or try to play the test, then read and find the speed were your feel confortable.

When you found or set your speed, click the next button

Speed reader

Words per minute (WPM):
read blocks:__

Paste the text you want to speedread, and click the Read! button. Additionally, you can set the reading speed, but the default 200 words per minute is optimal for an untrained reader.

Reading time.